One Night was born from the desire to create a space that is positive, non-threatening and welcoming to women. Mainstream clubs and bars have shown us how predatory and invasive male-dominated spaces can with even multigendered sex parties often feeling intimidating, threatening or focused on the tastes and preferences of cis- gendered men.

We (Miss Gold and Mistress Adreena) wanted to create a party where a woman could meet other like minded women, explore their sexuality or forge friendships without feeling any pressure to engage in sex or look a certain way. Somewhere which defied the play party ‘norm’; (often) heavy in dominant cis males and focused on ‘providing’ submissive women. A space that welcomes women+ of all sexualities, sizes, ages and backgrounds, where they could be their natural selves and express themselves freely without being harassed, pressured, fetishized or lusted over by men.


After a 21-month hiatus One Night Parties returned, 'One Night in October and November' is a selection of images (many of which would break the interent if we were to share them on Instagram) shot during our first two events back. For those that are curious, the images give a little insight into the world of feminine play; submission, domination, sadism and masochism.


Thank you to all the guests that allow us to capture them in such an intimate setting, and an honourable mention to Inanna Studios, One Night Party's much loved home.


Memoir: @miss_luna_mac


Limited edition, A5, 80 page publication printed on 150gsm silk paper with a 250gsm soft touch cover. The publication is a mixture of full colour and black and white images and includes memoirs from guests. Comes with stickers. 



One Night in October and November