The London vagabond are London based lovers and fetishists. They have been making work collaboratively for around four years under the alias ‘The London Vagabond’.

The name was founded by the male half, he is a self taught analogue photographer with no formal education. His work often submits to voyeuristic tendencies and a desire to document the everyday to the obscure. His interest in photography stems from being a prolific graffiti vandal, during this time he began to keep a visual diary of his travels and the characters he encountered along the way. More recently his public work has been focused on nudity and fetishisms although he continues to shoot the overlooked, the avoided, the lurkers and the people that society purposefully likes to ignore. The London Vagabond's background has created a non-conformist and unorthodox approach to his work which manifests through the images he produces. In his own words he is 'consistently inconsistent'.


The female half (also known as Modest Gold and previously as Dinah Gold/Dinah Berger), has a degree in Fine Art and a more formal art background. She has had moving image work in galleries such as: The ICA; London, The World Museum; Liverpool, Newlyn Art Gallery; Penzance, New Art Exchange; Nottingham and showed work at The Venice Biennale (2015). She was also selected for the prestigious art prize ‘Bloomsberg New Contemporaries’ in 2014. Her work also stems from a desire to document her surroundings, she has a strong interest in the relationship between sound and image and how one informs the other. She is a self proclaimed pervert.


The work created together comes from two separate perspectives: a submissive male point of view which is far removed from the typical, often misogynistic male gaze, the female perspective is from a dominant female, and an advocator of female empowerment. They both want to depict the individual/s in the images honestly, and for the work to be a true and powerful representation of the subject/s in the frame.