Rats In The Walls Vol II, like Vol I was all shot in the confines of The London Vagabond's home, however, unlike the first instalment this was a choice, the four walls had become an unwanted studio. The house became like a hotel at some points, a revolving door of model after model coming from all over the world, the house was more than just a place to stay, when they walked through that door it was as if they had become part of the family. The work produced was birthed out of a genuine friendship, a connection built over a few hours or a couple of days! 

The Zine was a self-published A5, 52 full colour pages, printed onto 170gsm recycled paper with a 250gsm uncoated cover. The first edition of 150 sold out in under 11 hours, the second edition still has limited stock on our web store.

Panty Trades